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Any data supplied to us may be shared with unknown third parties. This is by design because it is the only way for the fediverse to work.
We will at no point share any data for commercial purposes.
All content posted publicly may be used under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license unless stated otherwise. Limitations do apply as following:
Automatic scraping and saving of content posted on this mastodon instance for any purpose except those needed to provide users with access to the federated social network is explicitly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to: archival, ban/ block evasion and analysis.

Mastodon is an open alternative to surveillance capitalism's social media. This instance is for intersectional queerfeminists.

Mastodon ist eine offene Alternative zu den Sozialen Medien des Überwachungs-Kapitalismus. Diese Instanz ist speziell für intersektionale Queerfeminist*innen.